Workplace Wellbeing

In its simplest form, wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively as we navigate the natural lows and highs we all experience.

Studies have found that when people at work have higher levels of wellbeing they are:

Organisations that choose to invest in employee wellbeing and have happy and engaged workers experience, on average:

Mental Health and Wellbeing sits on a continuum and can move quite often.
At the green end of the continuum, people are well; showing resilience and high levels of wellbeing.
Moving into the yellow area, people may start to have difficulty coping.
In th
e orange area, people have more difficulty coping and symptoms may increase in severity and frequency.
At the red end of the continuum, people are likely to be experiencing severe symptoms and may be at risk of self-harm or suicide.

But as workplaces become more diverse, technically connected, fast-paced and complex, the ability for workers to thrive as they go about their jobs has become a growing topic of conversation and concern in many boardrooms and at leadership tables.

The Mental Health First Aid course and The Wellbeing Lab both offer excellent education for a Healthy and Psychologically Safe Workplace. Based on what the latest research is discovering on improving people’s wellbeing at work, offering these workshops to your staff would be ideal for them to discover some take home strategies to implement into their work and personal life.

Mental Health First Aid 
Approximately 20% of Australian adults experience a common mental illness each year. Completing a Mental Health First Aid course will help you to develop the skills to support a friend, family member or co-worker. Having Mental Health First Aid skills means that you can assist someone developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis and make a real difference to your community.

Wellbeing Lab
Educating staff on the importance of wellbeing should be the most important initiative for an organisation. The impact on staff is profound and can change the organisations productivity and bottom line.

Mental Health Education and Training will customise training and can include the following:
·       The surprising truth about wellbeing
·       The roadmap for improving wellbeing

We will also explore the small actions your people can take each day as they go about their work to look after their wellbeing. Together we would experiment with what we can do to:

– Boost Resilience
– Develop Strengths
– Create Better Connections
– Make Work Meaningful
– Build Grit
– Maximize Energy

Contact us to discover the change we can make in your workplace.