Mental Health First Aid Accreditation

Mental Health First Aid is a global innovative program that was inspired by the successful physical first aid model. Developed in Australia in 2000, regularly updated, the program is available in over 27 countries.

MHFA courses are based on the expert consensus, of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals, on what support a mental health first aider should provide. Mental Health First Aid Australia has worked in partnership with researchers at the University of Melbourne, to develop guidelines for action that cover a number of mental health problems and crises.

The Wellbeing Lab

Imagine what it would feel like if you:

  • Could get a clear roadmap to help you – and others – more consistently feel good and function effectively at work.
  • Had an evidence-based, busy-proof toolkit of wellbeing approaches that enable you to confidently navigate the natural highs and lows of work.
  • Knew exactly how to apply the science and research of positive psychology to common workplace situations (like finding meaning in a monotonous job, dealing with a difficult coworker or building confidence).

…and imagine if you could steal all these tools with pride to help your friends, family, colleagues, or clients.

Whether you are an employee, consultant, business or non-profit leader, coach, human resource professional, or teacher – there are ways you can implement positive psychology to help yourself and others flourish.